The Perfect Snack

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The sweetness of the Medjool date lends itself to several uses. Medjools are primarily eaten whole, a ‘super food’ just as they are.

A date or two is a delicious snack, a healthy pudding, or the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee. They are often eaten in the UK at Christmas, but there is no reason not to enjoy them all year round. Medjools are the perfect snack for all the family. They are ideal for kids’ lunchboxes or as a snack for your handbag, ready for a healthy energy boost when you are on the go. Try swapping those sweet treats like chocolates and biscuits for a guilt-free, entirely natural Medjool date. They are so good for you, why not have two?

You can use them as an alternative to sugar and honey, for example on cereals or in cakes, they are often used in baking and also go well with many savoury dishes.

Medjool dates can be found with other dried fruit in the fresh fruit aisle in all major retailers. To buy online, visit: